Journal 3 -Visit to see the types of publicly available information about data breaches. How might researchers use this information to study breaches?

The website is a tool not only to learn about data breaches, but also advocacy, education and law overview. There are many free and resourceful overviews and question and answer type resources that are free and offer some great insight. Researchers can utilize the Data Breach Chronology Database on the website but will have to pay. Certain circumstances may warrant a waiver for a free trial or reduction based on a sliding scale or need. The information looks very user friendly and even has charts that bring about another level of comprehension to the data being researched. The information in the Data Breach Chronology Database is gathered from public records of data breaches and is transformed into a comprehensive data base. Paying for the information is what helps supports the project along with grants, in order to gather the information. The information is not to be considered an accurate representation of every single data breach, however it is a great tool where all public data released is gathered into one spot in an appealing and seemingly easy to follow format. Knowing the history of data breaches can bring an understanding of better practices, security concerns that would need to be addressed and how to better defend against new breaches of data.

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