Journal 4 : Review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and explain how each level relates to your experiences with technology. Give specific examples of how your digital experiences relate to each level of need.

It is interesting how I correlate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to my experiences with technology. I had to really ponder things I normally take for granted. The base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is Physiological. How I translate this is my shelter, my home. I use technology everyday to make my life comfortable, such as a microwave, an air fryer, and every kind of gadget to cook. I use my heating and air conditioner to be comfortable. I love my tank-less hot water heater, this little piece of technology is one of my favorite things in my home. I remember when my family of six had to schedule showers so we each could enjoy hot water, and technology has made it possible that we do not have to wait for hot water anymore, a simple pleasure.

Maslow’s second tier is Safety. My safety is comprised of many technological components. I use my home’s alarm system, doorbell and outdoor cameras every day for safety. I love the fact that I can track my family and their exact location with the touch of a button on an app on my phone, and check that they are safe. I use my laptop, home computers and wifi connection for work and school, I feel secure doing this at my home.

Maslow’s third tier is Love. I use technology everyday to express my feelings of love to my family. I text to make sure my teenagers are ok, and have what they need. I use my phone to check on loved ones far away by text or call, or even face time. I love to see my family who are literally half a world away from me, some I have not seen since I left my beautiful island twenty five years ago.

The fourth tier in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is Esteem. I think in recent years for me esteem and social media go hand in hand. It is a way to express your accomplishments, joys, success and sometimes sorrows or anger in an expressive and easy way. I love using Meta, Instagram, and Messenger to keep up with my social circle, family and even co-workers. I love looking at my friends and co-workers lives, and what they choose to share. I also love technology on social platforms, and how information systems sorts ads and reels based on things I like, that part is great. I feel like it is a custom fit for my interests, and pretty much like the algorithms they employ.

The last tier in the hierarchy is Self Actualization. I really think technology, in the way of me being an online student at ODU Global is my self actualization. I just started this journey in January 2024. As an “older” adult learner, I am not familiar with online schooling and feel very lost at times. I do love little accomplishments, and do what I need to in order to get my assignments done. This could mean watching tons of Youtube tutorials, reading and re-reading materials, and asking for help. I am enjoying the process of learning again.

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