Journal #5 Ranking Motives

1. For money
2. Multiple reasons
3. Political
4. Recognition
5. Revenge
6. Entertainment
7. Boredom

This is the ranking I came to after reading each article in the module. Some of the articles did not really turn out to be how I envisioned them but still very insightful. Money is the root or in some way can be correlated in my opinion to all articles I read. Even the political reasons can be based on economic conditions, and I found it interesting in the boredom article the hacker was still selling the data he swiped out of boredom (so it still goes back to money.) Multiple reasons takes into account money plus any combination of the other rankings, so I gave that a hearty second place. In this present time, with everything going on politics gained my number three placement. For numbers 4,5,6 I had to go back and really read the articles and according to the articles and my understanding I went with that order. Recognition and the need for it in any sense, took a lead on revenge and entertainment in my understanding of cyber crimes. Boredom is last, I found the article referenced could have factors that go back to my number two (multiple reasons) because money was also a factor in my opinion.

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