Jounal Entry 10:

Social Cybersecurity

An Emerging National Security Requirement

I found the article that was required reading to be very interesting. The title of the article was Social Cybersecurity An Emerging National Security Requirement and it was a great read. It basically highlights why understanding and researching why and how human behavior is being manipulated by social factors and how that affects criminal behavior online is important. The article even stresses how it is a domain of interest that is of importance to national security, and all future types of warfare and I agree. The attacks of power grids, and utility companies are something most people do not actively think about. This would be a nightmare scenario, but instances like this have happened and could happen in this digital age. Warfare is forever changed (as expressed in this article) because physical presence is no longer required to cause damage and chaos. The landscape has changed, and so much is at stake in this digital age.

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