My major is Cyber Security, it relates directly to what this course is about. This class is helping me get a better grasp of the basics of cyber security. Four majors that are offered at Old Dominion that could relate to cyber security would be criminal justice, computer engineering, computer science, and information technology. The way that criminal justice relates is because they both deal with understanding laws, the difference is that cyber security is a little more focused whereas criminal justice is more broad and deals out punishments in the court of law. Second, computer engineering relates to cyber security in the aspect that it they both have to do with understanding computers and how they work, and they also both deal with developing computer hardware and software. Computer science goes in quite a bit more detail that the two previously mentioned, this major goes more into data structures, programming languages, systems, networks, artificial intelligence, etc.. The last of the four majors that I feel relates to cyber security is information technology and it relates by dealing with computers systems, computer efficiency, communication, and much more. This major also deals with computer science as well, which is probably the closest of the four to cyber security.