Chesapeake Bay Algal Bloom Monitoring

The Marine Nitrogen and Carbon Biogeochemistry group has developed and maintained an algal bloom monitoring project since 2010 focusing on algal bloom formation in the lower Chesapeake Bay, specifically in the Hampton Roads region of VA. Our work has focused primarily on the Lafayette River. The Lafayette River is a tidal tributary of the Chesapeake Bay which is located entirely in the city of Norfolk. The Lafayette River has been found to be an area where blooms often initiate before spreading out into the James River and into the Chesapeake Bay (Morse et al 2006) . Research efforts include fixed moorings to monitor environmental conditions and weekly or daily water sampling. Fixed moorings are located at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club and at a private residence at Ashland Circle. Data collected from the fixed moorings is available for download from the Virginia Estuarine and Coastal Observing System website:

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