ODU Alumni

Margaret Simmons

Margaret Simmons was the first African American to earn a degree from Old Dominion. A student in the Master of English program at Old Dominion, Simmons received her degree in 1966 among the first graduates to received their master’s degrees. After graduation, Simmons received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and was a professor… read more »

University Seal

When Old Dominion University (ODU) became independent in 1962, one of the first orders of business was to create a seal for the new college. Adopted in 1963, the seal incorporates the history and origin of Virginia. The central portion of the seal is a modified version of the royal arms of the Stuarts, the… read more »

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association serves over 138,000 members by connecting alumni around the world with one another by sponsoring programs, activities, and other events throughout the year.   Alumni Association Presidents 1946-1956: Donald G. Griffin ’38 1956-1957: Douglas L. Roberts ’56 1957-1958: Kenneth E. Brown ’56 1958-1960: Robert L. Fodrey, Sr. ’57 1960-1961: T. Earl Nettles ’59 1961-1962:… read more »

Anne Donovan

Anne Donovan (1961-2018) was a member of one of the most prolific women’s basketball teams ever at Old Dominion University (ODU). A highly sought after recruit in high school, Donovan chose ODU over 200 other schools and led the Lady Monarchs to the 1979-1980 Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) championship and was the first female recipient… read more »