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A Theory of Text Technologies: A Digital Portfolio (30% of final grade)

 This portfolio is a born-digital artifact. The portfolio is framed by your theoretical introduction which draws from texts read this semester to articulate a theory of text technologies. The introduction should be scholarly, employ citational practices, and be clearly situated within the critical, historical, and philosophical arguments we have discussed this semester. The portfolio will be comprised of curated photo documentation of each of the weekly Textual Practices. Include images of your own products, the artifacts you create from classmate-led textual practice demos. Each TP should be accompanied by captions and descriptions which elucidate and guide the reader in interpreting the images. You may use multiple images for representing each TP. The portfolio will be assessed foremost on the rigor, clarity, and sophistication of its theoretical introduction, its completeness, and its ability to use digital modalities to convey meaning. Due date April 25th