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Week 2 January 23, 2020

January 23 Week Two: Disciplinary Frameworks (Media Studies, Textual Criticism, Print Culture Studies, Poetry) 

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“Media history is not a progress story–or a story of a decline of civilizations–but is continuously written anew and branded by discontinuities”

  1. Roland Barthes “The Death of the Author

2. Roger Chartier The Order of Books, Introduction, Chapter One, and Chapter Three ( and peruse Library Genesis, Monoskop, Memory of the World, Aaaarg. org etc, Library of Babel 

3. Siegfried Zielinski, “Introduction: The Idea of a Deep Time of the Media,” Deep Time of the Media (MIT Press, 2006) 

4.  Lisa Gitelman, “Introduction: Media as Historical Subjects,” in Always Already New:

Media, History, and the Data of Culture (MIT Press, 2008) 

In advance of class please write a critical reading response to one of the four assigned texts. This assignment revision REPLACES the “Personal Media Narrative.” Later on in the semester I will be more than happy to incorporate these more philosophical and personal explorations, but I think that, given my aim to respond to your critical writing, this task makes more sense at this juncture. 

It would be ideal if we had approximately four people per text so if you have already created your class FB page you could determine that your choices through that interface or if you just want to hit reply all to our class email chain that works!