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Week 15 April 23, 2020

A Media Archaeology Poetics

Kenny Goldsmith unsettles the notion of a single author genius and the enshrined trope of originality. A key forerunner to Goldsmith is Barthes’s essay on authorship

Michel Foucault “What is an Author?

Kenneth Goldsmith “Introduction” and chapters “Revenge of the Text,” “Why Appropriation?” “Parsing the New Illegibility,” and “Uncreative Writing in the Classroom: A Disorientation” from Uncreative Writing PDF

Charles Bernstein “Experiments”

Textual Practice: One analog and one digital poetry composition experiment using any digital remixing or glitching techniques-tools.
(Si) and (Be)

Final Projects Due April 25, 2020


Benny writes, “Copy and Paste: two words that send most educators into a frenzy.  But are we depriving students in our conservative approach to writing in a digital age?  Scholars such as Kenneth Goldsmith agree that technology such as the photograph paved the way for the artistic movements of surrealism.  As such, experimentation—and more specifically, appropriation in terms of the written word—are beginning to gain traction, and this presentation will seek to analyze the “author” as she or he has historically existed, and how, like in the world of visual art, the world of literature will inventively embrace a “borrowing” or “copying” in order to move the craft forward”