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Week 3 January 30, 2020

Unit Two: Early Modern – Nineteenth Century

January 30 Week Three: Manuscript Text Technology

1 “The European Medieval Book” Christopher De Hamel 59-79 in The Book: A Global History PDF in Google Drive

2 Jessica Brantley “Medieval Remediations” (199-220) from Comparative Textual Media: Transforming the Humanities in the Postprint Era, eds N Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman PDF in Google Drive

3 Michael Camille “Sensations of the Page: Imaging Technologies and Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts” (33-54) from The Iconic Page in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Culture. Eds George Bornstein & Theresa Lynn Tinkle. University of Michigan (1998) PDF in Google Drive

4 William Endres “More than Meets the Eye: Going 3D with an Early Medieval Manuscript” published in the proceedings of The Digital Humanities Congress 2012.

First Textual Practice Presentation & Workshop on Photogrammetery. Before class get free 30 trial access to Agisoft Metashape

RW writes: “Photogrammetry is an interesting beginning to a series of textual practices. First, it is concerned primarily with measuring and mapping rather than writing. As such, it reorients ideas about textuality and interpretation. Who would the author of a 3D model be? Is it the person operating the cameras and running the program? Is that even authorship? Second, photogrammetry in its current iteration can be essentially hands off. I take the photos and run the programs, but the algorithms do much of the work. This effectively takes it out of the scientific and mathematical realms the technology occupied in previous stages of development, but it also distances the reader from the act of reading and interpreting the original object– the programming does that for us. I will show how photogrammetry incorporates elements of textual practices of reading and writing, while distancing the user from such acts. Simultaneously, the digital artifact photogrammetry creates is still rendered interpretable through a “re-made” way of looking.”

Dr Konkol’s example generated at UVic a few summers ago. Also, a link to William Endres’s St Chad Gospels and here and 3D exploration here