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Books and Materials

Amaranth Borsuk Between Page and Screen. Siglio. 2012 , 2016 

Roger Chartier The Order of Books. Stanford University Press, 1994. *

Lori Emerson, Reading Writing Interfaces from the Digital to the Bookbound. U Minn Press, 2014 *

Kenneth Goldsmith Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age. Columbia University Press 2011 *

Shelley Jackson, Patchwork Girl, ($25.00 for Macintosh (USB Stick)

ISBN 1-884511-50-3 $24.95)  

[if you select electronic delivery you will not incur a shipping charge]

Friedrich Kittler Gramophone, Film, Typewriter. Stanford UP, 1999 *

Susan Ryan Garments of Paradise: Wearable Discourse in the Digital Age, MIT Press, 2014 

(can be accessed online through a “library without walls”)


LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder for CR2032 – With Switch $1.95

Adafruit Stainless Conductive Thread $2.95

LilyPad Arduino – LilyPad Development Main Board approximately $14.95

some Lilypad LEDs (no specific number needed) $3.50

Battery $1.95

Needles $1.95

USB MicroB $5-6

Paper, needle, thread, (and awl if you want to get extra crafty with the fascicle folding and sewing)

Optional/Recommended/not required 

Jerome McGann The Textual Condition and Radiant Textuality: Literature after the World Wide Web. 2001 

N Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman. Comparative Textual Media: Transforming the Humanities in the Postprint Era, University of Minnesota Press, 2013