The Wave

By Azjah Clark

The next stop is the Wave on Colley. They did fall victim to some of the ABC laws against LGBTQ+ establishments in Virginia. When the hands of the club rolled over from one owner to the next there were still some law enforcement officers that were enforcing the ABC laws in Virginia were repelled in the late 1980s. Up until 1992 there were officers harassing patrons of theestablishment for their sexual orientation. Also during the early 1970s to late 1990s there was a surge of anti-gay gentrification in the area. Many realtors were purchasing local places of recreation such as bars, clubs, and taverns and making them into anti-gay (otherwise strictly straight) establishments . This was a huge blow to the local LGBTQ+ community.The Wave is one of my favorite gay/lesbian clubs in the area. They host drag brunches and pride events year round. It was declared a safe place of recreation and relaxation for the local LGBTQ+ community in Norfolk. They have allowed for the LGBTQ+ community in the area to flourish in this place of liberty. The Wave includes trendsetting misfits who are just one step ahead of conventional taste. This club is one of the more tolerant clubs regarding diversity. There are all races ages and sexual orientations that attend the Wave on Colley. In the pilot online it was rated one of the most neutral LGBTQ+ establishments in the area. By this they meant that people of all orientations, genders, shapes, sizes, and races are welcome at this establishment.


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