American Run for the End of AIDS


By Tayo Akinduro

American Run for the End of AIDS (A.R.E.A ) was a one man, 20 month, 10,000 mile run around the United Sates to promote AIDS education and prevention that started and ended in New York City. The runner was 36 year old Brent Nicholson Earle. Earle was an actor, writer, stage manager, photographer, lecturer, and AIDS activist. He arrived in DC for the National March Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1986. He circled around the perimeter of the U.S. and made a stop here in Norfolk, Virginia on September 24th. The marathon promoted support for the National AIDS Network and the local AIDS service organizations around the nation. On September 29th, the Tidewater Aids Crisis Task Force sponsored a reception and a press conference to bring more awareness to the great cause at JP’s on 21st and Omohundro in Norfolk. Earle also attended another press conference at the TACT office on 814 W. 41st St.  Earle also made a point to stop in Richmond, Virginia on October 11th when he met with volunteers to speak to children as a part of an AIDS educational outreach. Not only did this run bring awareness to many people, but it also provided support for those who are suffering with the disease. Earle is also well known for his creation of the International Rainbow Memorial Run. This is a run where he carries a rainbow flag from San Francisco around the world to cities hosting the current Gay Games. This was also in hopes of bringing awareness to AIDS prevention.


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