If you were standing at Town Point Park, you’d be standing at a venue that holds the biggest PrideFest gathering in the state. The Hampton Roads PrideFest is going on its 30th year this coming summer. The first festival was inspired by the Our Own Press in which following a decade since its first paper, the community decided to have a gathering to show the areas Pride in June 1988. From what started out as a very small community picnic, has grown to a 30,000-attendee festival this past year for the whole state to come and enjoy. The event is very important for the city, bringing not only awareness and outreach but scholarships for the community from the money raised at the event. Now issuing over $52,000 in scholarships over the past 12 years. PrideFest is a national festival now that is held across many cities including Hampton roads neighbors Richmond, but it is no shock The Hampton Roads PrideFest is the most popular in the state and the city’s largest one-day festival, having the largest naval base in the US in the area and the founding place of Our Own, many across the state and beyond come to celebrate. PrideFest also holds a one of a kind boat parade which is the only in the country. When going to this family friendly event you can expect to have a weeklong list of celebrations leading up to the big day at Towne Point Park to include fashion shows, seminars and art shows that showcase the community’s rich LGBTQ+ culture. At the event, itself it is a full day of vendors, entertainment like performances by the village people and activities for the whole family. With the overall mission of the event to unite all people in support of inclusion, dignity and equality it is safe to say this event shows the growth and huge support this city has to offer the queer community.


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