Current Projects

BORG works in many different environments from the warm seagrass meadows of Florida to the cold temperatures of the Arctic. We invite you to explore our projects.

Buoy deployment #3&4

Prudhoe Bay 2015, 2016

Buoy deployment #1

Barrow, 2014

Buoy deployment #2

North Pole, 2014

Water column observations

Catlin Ice Camp, 2011

Water column observations

Chukchi Sea, 2002, 2004

Seagrass remote sensing

Saint Joesphs Bay, 2006, 2010

Seagrass remote sensing

Saint George Sound, 2012

Seagrass remote sensing

Keaton Beach, 2010.

Seagrass in a high CO2 environment

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center 2013-2016