A. Rufus Tonelson Faculty Award

A. Rufus Tonelson at his desk, circa 1970-1979

The A. Rufus Tonelson Faculty Award is given annually to faculty for outstanding achievement in teaching, research, and service at Old Dominion University (ODU).  The recipient receives $1,000, a campus parking pass for one year, and a framed certificate. Established in 1978, the award is in honor of Alan Rufus Tonelson, class of 1933, one of the first three students to enroll at ODU, principal at Maury High School, professor and dean in the Darden School of Education, university administrator, and long-time benefactor.

Past Award Winners


1978: Patricia S. Moschel, Nursing; Louis H. Henry, Economics; Richard Tersine, Management

1979: Charles H. Haws, History and Scottish Studies


1980: S. Eliot Breneiser, Music

1981: Kenneth G. Daley, Art

1982: John Fahey, Foreign Languages

1983: Daniel E. Sonenshine, Biological Sciences; Gennaro L. Goglia, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

1984: Katharine Clark Kersey, Early Childhood Education

1985: Raymond H. Kirby, Psychology

1986: Harold G. Marshall, Biological Sciences

1987: John C. Ludwick, Oceanography

1988: Helen Yura, Nursing

1989: Robert Lee Kernell, Physics


1990: Thomas Cash, Psychology

1991: Michele Darby, Dental Hygiene

1992: Paul A. Dicklin, Speech Communication

1993: Allen K. Clark, Chemistry

1994: Chuh Mei, Aerospace Engineering

1995: Maurice R. Berube, Educational Leadership and Counseling

1996: Surendra N. Tiwari, Mechanical Engineering

1997: Nina W. Brown (M.S. Ed. ’68), Educational Leadership and Counseling

1998: Janis V. Sanchez-Hucles, Psychology; Daniel M. Dauer ’70, Biological Sciences

1999: Sushil K. Chaturvedi, Mechanical Engineering


2000: Charles E. Wilson, Jr., English

2001: Duc T. Nguyen, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2002: Taj O. Mohieldin, Engineering Technology

2003: Lindsay Rettie, Dental Hygiene

2004: Ravindra P. Joshi, Electrical and Computer Engineering

2005: Robert Gable, Early Childhood Education, Speech Pathology and Special Education

2006: Gary E. Copeland, Physics

2007: Michael T. Zugelder, Finance

2008: Barbara Bartkus, Business Administration

2009: Edward P. Markowski, Information Technology and Decision Sciences


2010: Lynn Tolle, Dental Hygiene

2011: Garrett J. McAuliffe, Counseling and Human Services

2012: Mohammad Najand, Finance and Business Administration

2013: Lawrence J. Hatab, Philosophy

2014: Lawrence B. Weinstein, Physics

2015: Sheri Colberg-Ochs, Human Movement Sciences

2016: Ling Li, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

2017: Ed Neukrug, Counseling and Human Services

2018: Barbara Winstead, Psychology


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