Vice President for Research

The Vice President for Research is one of the vice presidents at Old Dominion University (ODU). The vice president is responsible for the Office of Research, which supports faculty research across all the colleges and research centers. The office also oversees research compliance, commercialization, and grand development. Some of the strategic initiatives that the Office of Research oversees include cybersecurity, coastal resilience, bioelectrics and biomedical research, entrepreneurialism, maritime, modeling & simulation, space flight, and STEM education. The Office of Research is currently housed in Innovation Research Park I in the University Village.


In 2024, the Office of Enterprise Research and Innovation (OERI) was established to unify ODU’s research centers with Eric Weisel serving as the first Senior Associate Vice President for Enterprise Research and Innovation. The office oversees and supports the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC), the Center for Secure and Intelligent Critical Systems (CSISC), the Virginia Institute for Spaceflight and Autonomy (VISA), the Virginia Digital Maritime Center (VDMC), the Center for Mission Engineering (CME), and the Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience (ICAR). As of July 1, 2024, with the merger of ODU and Eastern State Medical School (EVMS), the Office of Research was renamed the Division of Research and Economic Development. This new division is in charge of Enterprise Research and Innovation, Innovation, Commercialization, and Economic Development, Research Security and Compliance, Sponsored Programs and Research Development, Strategic Initiatives, as well as Eastern Virginia Health Sciences Center functions of Research Compliance and Research Development.

Vice Presidents for Research

2013-2014: Rodger Harvey, Interim

July 2014-July 2023: Morris Foster

August 2023-Present: Kenneth J. Fridley


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