Women’s Rowing has been a varsity sport at Old Dominion University (ODU) since its inception in 2008. The main facility for the rowing team is the Women’s Intercollegiate Rowing Center located on the north side of Lakewood Park off the Lafayette River.


Women’s rowing was a club sport at Old Dominion dating back to 1979. In 2007, rowing became an intercollegiate sport and Heather Weisel was named the first head coach. The team was initially part of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) conference, moved to Conference USA in 2013, the Big 12 in 2015, and the American Athletic Conference (AAC) in 2019.

Head Coaches

Heather Weisel (2007-2008)

Daniel Garbutt (2009-2022)

Brian Conley (2022-Present)


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