Women’s Caucus

Equal Rights Poster at Every Women's Festival, 1979
Equal Rights Poster at Every Women’s Festival, 1979

The Women’s Caucus is a faculty and staff organization that aims to advance the welfare of women at Old Dominion University (ODU).


The Women’s Caucus was established in 1974 by Carolyn Rhodes, a professor in the Department of English, and Dorothy Johnson, a professor in the Department of History. The organization focuses on obtaining equal treatment in rank, tenure, salary, promotion, research leave, and other responsibilities. The Women’s Caucus gains feedback through surveys, organizes workshops and presentations, and provides a forum for women to network, share information, and provide mentorship opportunities.



1974-1975: Dorothy Johnson

1975-1976: Tania Modleski

1976-1977: Carolyn Rhodes

1977-1978: Pat Hyer

1978-1980: Julie White


1980-1981: Fran Hassencahl

1981-1982: Freda Stohrer

1982-1983: Ellen Morris

1983-1985: Deanne Shuman

1985-1986: Karen Polonko

1986-1987: Shirley Glover

1987-1988: Jane Hager

1988-1989: Janet Katz

1989-1990: Lorraine Lees


1990-1991: Andrea Schollaert

1991-1992: Helen Eigenberg

1992-1993: Marty Smith Sharpe

1993-1994: Janis Smith

1994-1995: Barbara Winstead

1995-1996: Sue Doviak

1996-1997: Penny Craig

1997-1998: Linda Vahala

1998-1999: Mona Danner

1999-2000: Caretta Cooke


2000-2001: Jeanie Kline

2001-2002: Dianne Carmody

2002-2003: Carol Locke

2003-2004: Ruth Triplett

2004-2005: Sheila M. Powell

2005-2006: Janet Bing

2006-2007: Edie Barnett

2007-2008: Michele L. Darby

2008-2009: Morel Fry

2009-2010: Martha Daas


2010-2011: Brenda Neumon Lewis

2011-2012: Kimberly Adams Tufts

2012-2013 Tancy Vandercar-Burdin

2013-2014: Holly Gaff

2014-2015: Jeanie Kline

2015-2016: Yvette Pearson

2016-2017: Lisa Mayes

2017-2018: Wie Yusuf

2018-2019: Shelley Jules-Plag

2019-2020: Holly Gaff


2020-2021: La Wanza Lett-Brewington

2021-2022: Stacie Ringleb

2022-2023: Tancy Vandercar-Burdin

2023-2024: Nicole Hutton Shannon


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