Donna L. and James V. Koch Hall

New Administration Building, 1972

The Donna L. and James V. Koch Hall is located just east of Foreman Field along Hampton Boulevard between Rollins Hall and the Barry M. Kornblau Alumni Center on the campus of Old Dominion University (ODU). It currently houses several administrative offices including the Office of the President, Academic Affairs, and Administration and Finance.


The building was originally known as the New Administration Building and was designed to house several administrative offices as newer space was needed to replace the outdated offices in the Administration Building (now Rollins Hall). Completed in 1972, the architecture of the building gave it a unique character, with two lower-level wings separated by an open-air walkway and a staircase to the upper-level offices. In 1999, the building was renamed to honor the sixth president of ODU, James V. Koch, and his wife Donna for their contributions to the ODU and Hampton Roads communities.


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