Bud’s Emporium

Audrey T. “Bud” Paul, circa 1940-1949

Bud’s Emporium was the snack bar and gathering spot for students at the Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary. The snack bar was named after Audrey T. “Bud” Paul, a business administration student, and was the main dining option on campus until Webb University Center opened in 1966.


Student’s at Bud’s Emporium in the Administration Building, circa 1960-1966

When the Norfolk division was established in 1930, there were no dining options on campus for the students who commuted to campus. Seeing that there was a need for a place on campus for students to gather and eat, “Bud” Paul established a snack bar in the Old Larchmont School in 1934. With the growth of campus following World War II, more space was needed for the snack bar, so in 1945, Bud’s moved into a large location in the Administration Building, now Alfred B. Rollins, Jr. Hall, and Bud continued to run the eatery until his death in 1948. In addition to serving food and drinks, Bud’s was also a popular place for students to take a break between classes, have a smoke break, and listen to music on a jukebox. In 1956, Bud’s moved into the new Science Building, now William B. Spong, Jr. Hall, and would remain there until it closed shortly before Webb University Center opened in 1966.


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